When To Take Creatine For Maximum Benefit

Creatine is a natural substance that is produced by the liver and is stored in the muscle tissue, skeletal muscle and in other organs such as the testicles. It is actually the result of a combination of three amino acids: glycine, methionine and arginine. It is normally transported via blood circulation throughout the muscle cells. For many years, body builders, weight trainers and athletes have used creatine supplements so as to gain muscle mass. It had been scientifically proven to increase muscle mass especially in the skeletal muscles.

Your Body Can Create Creatine

You will realize that taking creatine gives you many advantages with your bodybuilding program. Once you start using it, you will be able to lift more weight and your muscle repairs faster. Creatine is a safe bodybuilding supplement when paired with proper nutrition and training. However, your body can make creatine naturally. The more active you are, the higher the amount of creatine that gets metabolized. In order to maximize the results that you get from your supplement, you need to learn when to take creatine. Most people do not know when they should take creatine. This can be detrimental. (see Side Effects of Creatine – The Dangers of Creatine Exposed.)


You will realize that creatine is a daily supplement. You need to take it on a daily basis. You should take both on the days that you are going for workouts and those that you rest at home. The typical recommended amount is about 5 grams daily. However, the exact quantity can vary from one product to another. It is important that you take creatine immediately after your session. Do not wait for more than half an hour in order to take the supplement. It should be in your system after the session. This will go a long way in speeding and improving muscle recovery and growth.


Creatine normally gets stored better in the muscle cells when an insulin spike is present. Taking it after the workout can be a good idea. You can actually take it with dextrose. Taking it with juice can help you, but it is not as effective as taking it with dextrose. Creatine also helps your body to make ATP. This fuels the muscles, thereby enabling you to carry on with your workouts. It is also known to hydrate your cells. This goes a long way in improving your strength and your muscles appear fuller. It can help your body tolerate a more substantial workout which is essential to bodybuilding. In addition, creatine has been claimed to help lower cholesterol and triglycerides. For strength building, you should take 20 grams for five days. You can spread this out into 4 even dosages so that you not likely to experience stomach upset.


It is important that you understand when to take creatine. It is a much needed bodybuilding supplement. It can help you sustain a hard workout for longer periods. It is important that you take creatine immediately after your session. Do not take it later than that. Most bodybuilders and athletes have benefited from this supplement. Take creatine today and you will enjoy the results.

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