Side Effects of Creatine – The Dangers of Creatine Exposed.

One of the biggest supplements that have been debated over time and time again when it comes to building muscle is creatine. The biggest concern is the side effects of creatine and the potential damage that it could have on the human body. While creatine has been praised for allowing new muscle growth and providing extra bursts of energy, the side effects of creatine are still somewhat hidden in the dark.

So what is Creatine?

Creatine has gotten a bad name by some, not because of any proven side effects but because of the fact that a lot of people just simply have a lack of knowledge about what creatine is and how your body uses this incredible amino acid.


Your body uses a combination of 3 energy systems to provide your body with energy. Each of these systems come into play at different times during the exercise period based on the time and intensity of the exercise. One of these energy systems is called the ATP-CP system. Now it is the function of this energy system to break down creatine phosphate that has been stored in the body and convert it into energy that the body can use. This energy system is most dominant at medium to high-intensity exercises and is good for about 2-10sec before the glycolic energy system kicks in.


So creatine is used to provide your body with more energy during these short bouts of exercise which is why it tends to work so well for weight lifters. The truth is that creatine does work and can help you push out a few more reps or push a few more pounds of weight which mean more muscle growth. Creatine can be a very useful supplement to add to your muscle building arsenal.

What are the dangers of creatine?

Alright now is where I expose the true dangers of creatine. Hundreds of studies have been done on creatine, and there has been very little known side effects of creatine that have been proven and published on paper. Almost all of the side effects that have included: kidney failure, dehydration, cramping, headaches, bloating, and so on have never been proven and have affected such a small crowd of individuals that its hard to say if it was creatine or some other supplement or medication they were taking.


Creatine is an amino acid that transpires freely within the body, and as long as you are not taking in massive quantities of it and follow the directions on the container, you should not have any problems or see any adverse side effects from it other than maybe an increase in thirst. This is because your body utilizes water to help these energy systems and with increased energy comes more of a demand for water.


Now I find it also very crucial to say that taking creatine will not make you bigger, just like nutrition and exercise creatine is only part of the muscle building puzzle that will only help to maximize your muscle building results when combined with proper diet, rest, and a proper muscle building workout plan.

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